McCluer Graduating Class of 1973 Ferguson & Florissant, Missouri

History of McCluer - Class of 1973

More than McCluer!

When McCluer opened it's doors in 1957, it was as a junior high school. However, the history of McCluer is more than just McCluer! In fact it goes back to the mid to late 19th century!

Ferguson School / Central School

Ferguson School, at 201 Wesley Avenue, opened in 1880 in the Ferguson Public School District, in Ferguson, Missouri. In 1903 the name of Ferguson School was changed to Central School. The high school students attending Central School transferred to the new John M. Vogt High School in 1930. The school is now Central Elementary School.

The following paragraph is from the "National Register of Historic Places Inventory-Nomination Form."

Built as a grammar school building (grades 1-8) between 1877 and 1880, Ferguson School (later called Central School) is significant as an early focal point of Feguson's EDUCATION, SOCIAL, and CULTURAL history and symbol of community pride. Expanded in 1903 to provide one of the first accredited four-year public high schools in St. Louis County, the building has been continuously used as a public school for over 100 years, maintaining its integrity of use. The original four room building remains intact as the core of the present elementary school (Central Elementary School) with additions dating from 1895, 1904, 1908, and 1925-27.

John M. Vogt High School

Located at 200 Church Avenue in Feguson, Missouri and named for a merchant and former school board member, John M. Vogt High School opened in 1930. It was built on the grounds of an open air theatre; property which was donated to the Ferguson Public School Distrcit by the Community Hall Association. John M. Vogt HIgh School was the first building in the Ferguson School District to be used strictly for high school students. The new high school opened with students that had transfered from Central School. Now Vogt Elementary School, John M. Vogt High School's yearbook, which began in 1931, was named the "Crest."

Ferguson High School

With 400 students that transferred from John M. Vogt HIgh School, Ferguson High School opened in 1939. It was built by the Ferguson Public School District on the (rumored to be haunted) January Estate; which had also been used as the city dump and was known as Blizzard Hill. Located at 701 January Avenue, the school was constructed with WPA, Works Progress Administration, financial assistance. In the basement of the school was a firing range for target practice by students belonging to the school's NRA Club. 1952 saw the merger of the Ferguson Public School District and the Florissant School District. Ferguson High School's last graduating class was in 1962; with the school becoming Ferguson Junior High; now Ferguson Middle School. Perhaps you were a camper or a counselor there in the summer at Camp Comet! The Ferguson High School's yearbook was named the "Crest."

High School in Florissant

"I graduated from Ferguson High School, Class of 1948.  At that time there was no high school in Florissant; all the high school students from there attended Ferguson High School." Howard Gardner

McCluer Senior High School

McCluer, which is located at 1896 South New Florissant Road, Florissant, Missouri, opened in 1957 as a junior high school. It is a part of the Ferguson Florissant School District. In 1962, when Feguson High School closed, it's students moved to McCluer; now McCluer Senior High School. McCluer's mascot is the Comets. The school colors are red and true blue. The name of the school newspaper is the "Scoop." Remember McCluer's home football games being held at the Ferguson football field? McCluer High School's yearbook is named the "Crest."

The Junior High Schools

Cross Keys Junior High, Ferguson Junior High, and Florissant Junior High.

McCluer Crest

McCluer Crest

memories since 1931!

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Ferguson High School - now Ferguson Middle School.From the 1937 Crest, John M. Vogt High School's 1937 baseball team.1956 McCluer Corner Stone.

Central School - now Central Elementary School.

McCluer M1 Building.John M. Vogt High School - now Vogt Elementary School.