McCluer Graduating Class of 1973 Ferguson & Florissant, Missouri

Memories of the Class of 1973

Enjoy selections from the Crest

1970 / 1971 McCluer Crest. 1971 / 1972  McCluer Crest. 1972 / 1973 McCluer Crest.
1970 / 1971 1971 / 1972 1972 / 1973


McCluer High School Civil War Concert, February 12, 1972

Civil War Concert

Listen to recordings from the album of the February 12, 1972 Band & Choir concert titled, "Music of the American Civil War" more


From the 1937 Crest, John M. Vogt High School's 1937 baseball team.

History of McCluer

McCluer opened in 1957 as a junior high school. more

McCluer Fight Song

Go Comets Go Team, Fight for Ol' McCluer more

McCluer Alma Mater

Though time may leave its mark on the beauty of our halls more

McCluer Class of '73 class reunions!

Class Reunions

McCluer Class of '73's 35th class reunion!

McCluer - Summer of 2005

Pictures of McCluer during the summer of 2005

McCluer Class of '73!

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